Sally's work is modernist and figurative - a blend of lyric dream, worldly

experience and set in recognizable New Zealand and Australian landscapes.

She is a painter of allegory and each painting is a journey of dicovery.

Time periods overlap. Fragmentation and montage are very much our way of seeing

but rather than deconstructing the surface on which she works, Sally uses

fragments of reality to create and construct a new and inclusive narrative.


Please enjoy!






























"...The freshness of Something Else - besides Sally Griffin's lovely,

expressionist illustrations at the head of each chapter - is that it tells a story

from our recent history that has seldom been told: the death of all those lush,

hippy dreams in the arid, consumerist wasteland of the 21st century. The abiding image

is that of good-hearted Troon who has lived through it all, out there as climate change

and sea levels rise, doing what he knows best: keeping the ocean out of the boat."


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